Boomerang Snips

Boomerang Snips have become some of the most popular tools on the fishing market. They're almost impossible to lose with their retractable tether, and they cut braided line better than almost any other line cutters out there. Everyone needs at least one of these in their tacklebox!


This is the basic SNIP that started a revolution in line cutting. There is nothing basic about our stainless steel blades, US-made retractable tether and a reputation as the best Braided Fishing Line Cutter on the planet.

Cuts Braid, Mono and Fluoro Line.

Item # BTC203L


This is the same Snip as the Snip basic, but it has a little integrated LED light and 2 1120s lithium batteries. The light is handy when lighting is poor or you need to focus your cut on a precise location. Perfect for evening or early morning fishing, and ice fishing.

Cuts Braid, Mono and Fluoro Line.

Item # BTC204L


This is our Snip basic with a longer blade. It allows for entry into tight places. It is a little easier to use in poor light or if you normally use reading glasses.  This Snip is an extremely useful tool and a favorite among Fly-Fishing enthusiasts. 

Cuts Braid, Mono and Fluoro Line.

Item # BTC243L


This is the newest addition to the Boomerang Snip lineup. The Salty Dog has no screws to enhance its longevity in saltwater conditions. The nylon-injected molded casing is sonic welded. The blades are the same stellar blades as our Snip family, but almost twice as large. This Snip is really good on larger diameter lines and still a great tool in lake fishing etc. Finally, the Big Snip has a much larger reel that will hold up to more stringent use than our regular Snip family.

Cuts 150lb Braid and 250lb Mono Line

Item # BTC205


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